Rome ballooning: Fly in Hot Air Balloon over Rome and Tuscany in Italy

Hot air balloons in Rome

The valley of the Tiber near Magliano Sabina only 30 minuts from ROMA.

The Balloon Team Italy is the first hot air balloon company that makes hot air balloon flights in Rome area, just 30 minutes drive from the city center.
The flights take place in the valley of Magliano Sabina, a small town in Lazio situated on a hill across the valley where flows the famous River Tiber.
The valley is beautiful and has a great view, the scenery you can see during the flight are very similar to Umbria and Tuscany countryside.

An experience not to be missed, suitable for everyone!

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Balloons Rome

Fly in Hot Air Balloon to Roma on the Tevere.


A great balloon flight a few kilometers from Rome.

Without words!

Without words!