Ballooning in Florence

Ballooning in Florence

Our take-offs from Florence are provided with a favorable weather, and a particular wind. When not possible to take off from the city, the take-off field that is used is San Casciano Val di Pesa, very close. Florence is one of the most historic cities in Italy, whether you are passing through, we recommend a stop after your balloon trip.
Your flight will be organized to give you, the best views, and maximum safety.
And we to guarantee this security, our company has the great Pilots, all professionals.

This is the most beautiful area to fly, you will see enchanting hills, castles, vineyards, forests, you will see many wild animals.
If you can choose, we recommend this area, every day of the year.
We can arrange for you the transfer from your hotel, ask if you are in trouble.
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If after the balloon trip you want to continue your excursion, possiaqmo organize a tour of the wine cellars of Tuscany, a Tuscan Wine Tours, ask here for information

Ballooning in Florence, View of the city,

Overflight of the city center of Florence, you can see the Cathedral of Santa Maria Novella square, and the whole extent of the city. A flight in hot air balloons, very impressive. Ballooning in Florence is fantastic.

View of Castle Casole, photographed by another balloon.
Ballooning in Florence