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Ballooning Siena

Ballooning Siena

Flying with us can be an original gift idea! You could take the chance to fly in a hot air balloon for an anniversary, a birthday, your honeymoon, or even ask your partner’s hand in marriage while you are aboard together! In any case it will be an unforgettable experience!!!

Fly in balloon at sunrise

Fly in balloon at sunrise
Ballooning tuscany to sunrise 

More and more people are choosing the hot air balloon as an experience to share or give to loved ones on special occasions.

Give a special moment with a loved one; it becomes an opportunity to live together or give a great thrill of flying like a balloon. You can choose art cities like Siena, Florence, Ferrara, near Rome or gloss over the true nature of the Tiber, the flat valleys of Chianti , Lombardy, or close to the mountains of Piedmont.
A really new and original gift, but also very romantic!
An important event always provides an unforgettable gift, as it is unforgettable balloon flights.
Treat yourself with your partner a special moment together intensively to live with your family, a trip to remember all flying in a balloon. Will certainly be a memorable and original gift!

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Ballooning Tuscany

Ballooning Tuscany
Ballooning in Siena.

In addition, balloon flights offer the unique opportunity to observe the world from a
particular point of view.

The wind takes you safely and in the meantime you can take photos or videos
of our unique 360 degree view!

From the top you will see deer, hares, pheasants, wild boars, and all that nature will show us.
Every balloon flight is unique in its kind, it is always an adventure,
you always know where it takes off, but never where the wind will take us !
Fly to Siena

Fly to Siena

Hot air balloon flights of torque, giving special moments to share with your partner.
A trip with your family in a balloon in the valleys of Tuscany and Rome.

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Have you ever dreamed of flying over some of the most beautiful Italian cities, like Florence,
Siena, Lucca, the Chianti region or over Rome, the great Capital?
Since 1990, Balloon Team Italia is pleased to give you the opportunity to do a ballooning tour
over Tuscany and its amazing cities. We also offer honeymoon, anniversaries, birthday parties,
original and romantic gifts, and many other services.
Let’s have fun with your family and friends with our hot air balloon rides: Tuscany is waiting
for you! Flying over this enchanted valley, surrounded by woods and pastures, will be an
unforgettable experience.
The security of our hot air balloon is uncontested and our pilots are professional ones, with
Commercial Pilot License and a lot of hours of experience.

It is believed that Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to discover the hot-air "rising" syndrome.

But the real pioneers of hot air balloon flying were the brothers Montgolfier who developed the discovery of hydrogen, and worked on its potential to be generated. The first experiments and public exhibitions took place during the period of the French Enlightment, leaving speechless masses of onlookers and scientists.

When, in 1783, the first balloon floated above the capital, the French public went into a frenzy.

This balloon, comprising almost 4 metres in diameter, rose to an altitude of 900 metres and landed smoothly at a distance of 20 kilometres, the zone where today is located Charles De Gaulle Airport.
Hot air Balloons ride in Tuscany close to Florence, Siena, Lucca, Montalcino, in Chianti; you can also fly near Rome or Perugia. Honeymoon balloon rides are possible also near Milan and Turin. Get an incentive tour, a Balloon excursion, a corporate team building with us!! 


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