Welcome to the magical world of hot air balloons in Tuscany

Ballooning in tuscany is Magic.

Come with us to experience the thrill of a ballooning in tuscany.
The chainti valley at dawn is fantastic to admire.
More and more people are choosing the hot air balloon as an experience during their holidays. With us you can dream, explore and fly.
Give yourself a special moment, an opportunity to experience a great thrill together, to fly like a hot air balloon.

Our main office is Florence, the take-off fields are in the heart of Chianti, but in special conditions it is possible to fly over Florence in a hot air balloon.
Ballooning in Tuscany over Florence is magical.
We have many possibilities and magical areas to fly, all clearly decided by nature, but this possibility exists.
You can choose the private flight and therefore cities of art such as Siena, Florence, Arezzo, near Rome or fly over the Tiber, the great valleys of Chianti.
But flying in a hot air balloon in Tuscany is a real magic.

Flying in a hot air balloon in Tuscany is an adventure.

A gift for your family

Give your partner a special moment, to live with your family, a trip to remember your vacation. It will surely be a memorable and original gift!

In addition, balloon flights offer a unique opportunity to observe the world from a particular point of view.

Flying in a hot air balloon is a very safe activity, our pilots are all great flight masters and professionals.
The wind will make us cross new landscapes, every day the flight is different and unique, your adventure will be dictated by nature.
During the flight you can take photos or videos at 360 degrees!

From above you will see deer, hares, pheasants, wild boars and all that nature will show us.
Every hot air balloon flight is truly one of a kind, it's always a real adventure,
You will always know where it takes off, but never where the wind will take us! 🙂

A super luxurious flight, dedicated to those who want to feel VIP. For those who want more privacy and something special.

Wedding Ballooning in tuscany, a splendid flight to remember forever.
Request a quote.

Group flights for everyone. This service is dedicated to everyone, young and old. An adventure with other people, and the best way to make new friends.

Ballooning in tuscany in couple. Original to leave a unique memory of your holiday.

Ballooning Rome and the roman countryside.

Balloon Team Italy also deals with hot air balloon flights near Rome and Lazio;
We have a location in this area, the flights will take only 60 km from the city center of Rome.
You can observe the Roman countryside in the Tiber valley, which are very beautiful.
In this area we offer an exclusive flight service for 2 to 50 people, team building groups, and super Ballooning luxury.
Write us for information.

The take-off fields of our balloon flights

We will fly you in a hot air balloon just 20 minutes from the center of Florence or near Siena, in Tuscany we have the possibility to organize flights also in the areas of Lucca, Pisa, Empoli, Montisi, Pienza, San Gimignano, Colle Val Delsa, Poggibonsi, Monteriggioni, Volterra, Montalcino, Buonconvento, in the Val D'Orcia, above the Crete Senesi, and in most of the Chianti region. Our service is also offered in many areas of Italy.
You can customize your flight, or join our groups, our services are very flexible and adapt to the customer. If you are interested in a private flight, you can request your quote.

Ballooning an original gift idea!

Ballooning in tuscany is a type of tour is very beautiful and original. It is widely used for special gifts. To declare one's love, marriage requests, for a trip with family, or with friends.
The hot air balloon ride is suitable for everyone, young and old, for all age groups.
Children can fly for at least 5 years, at least one meter tall.


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