Ballooning in Lucca

Hot air balloon flights over Lucca
Our hot air balloons depart from Lucca, north of Tuscany, a few km from Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, just 30 minutes from Versilia.
All flights start early in the morning due to stable air conditions, but take-off times may change with temperatures.

The location of our launch sites will allow us to admire fantastic landscapes, from the sea to the woods, Tuscan hills, but also the possibility of flying over Lucca and unpublished landscapes.
It often happens to fly over the city, but also the nearby villages, woods and fields of olive trees, always driven by our friend, the wind.
This is an adventure in the sky through large landscapes, lasts about an hour and will make you navigate the skies of Tuscany.
After exploring the sky and our Tuscany, we will look for a nice field to land and enjoy the moment.

Before returning, we will have breakfast together in the middle of the Lucchese countryside, with typical Tuscan products.
Before breakfast we will open a nice bottle of prosecco and toast to the fantastic adventure lived.

You can choose how to fly

You can fly in a group or in an intimate way with a private flight

We have hot air balloons of different types and sizes, suitable for everyone, suitable for private flights, groups, families, baskets to sit comfortably and enjoy the view.
You will always be in the company of nice drivers, but professionals and highly experienced, because the motto of our company is safety. Come with us to try Ballooning in Lucca, you will be fascinated.

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Hot Air Balloon over Lucca Valley