Ballooning in San Gimignano

Ballooning in San Gimignano

The launch sites are located near the center of toscany in the Chianti region, 20 minutes from the center of San Gimignano, along the Pesa valley, but we also take off closer, it depends on the wind.
The Via del Chianti towards San Donato and Castellina in Chianti, or towards Siena a few km from the center.

A powerful landscape awaits you, one of the most civilized rural scenes on earth, cultivated land, olive trees, vines and lots of woods.
From here, you will fly over the legendary landscape of Tuscany with its hill towns, many castles, large valleys, but also famous vineyards such as Montalcino and Chianti.

On clear days in the distance, you can also see the Apennines and even the sea in Florence; Often it is possible to fly over the Elsa valley, Certaldo, Volterra.

On some days, a good breeze from the east can bring us back to San Gimignano. On other days San Casciano in Val di Pesa, you can fly low over the silent landscape of the vineyards.
One could identify a family of deer, and even wolves, or the elusive and intelligent boar that tries to hide in our passage.

When we have chosen the field to disembark, before returning, we will have breakfast together in the middle of the Tuscany countryside, with typical Tuscan products.
At breakfast we will open a nice bottle of prosecco and toast to the fantastic adventure lived.

You can choose how and where to fly

We have hot air balloons of different types and sizes, suitable for everyone, suitable for private flights, groups, families, baskets to sit comfortably with VIPs.
You will always be in the company of nice drivers, but professional and highly experienced, because the motto of our company is safety. Come with us to try Ballooning in San Gimignano, you will be fascinated by it.

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Hot air balloon in San Gimignano