Vista super basket for luxury Ballooning in tuscany

Luxury Ballooning

The great novelty of luxury flight is called Volo Vista (Luxury flight).
This service offers much more than a normal flight, the possibility of enjoying the panorama without any limit. Passengers will be comfortably seated and will be able to enjoy a good glass of Prosecco/Wine.
This service offers maximum safety for passengers, and at the same time with unique comfort.
We are the only company in Italy to offer this exclusive service. VISTA is approved for flight and EASA certified all over the world, and for the first time it can be tested in Italy.

Luxury flights and maximum comfort

For luxury flights and maximum comfort
Only from Balloon Team Italia you can try super luxury flight, a different way of flying in a hot air balloon, for those who want to stand out and treat themselves to a flight like a VIP. This experience is special for the way it is lived, you can sit comfortably and enjoy the view, and with additional services you can toast at high altitude, savoring various appetizers during the flight.
It is also suitable for disabled people or people who cannot stay on their feet during the whole flight.

Basket Vista special balloon tour
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Price Ballooning Luxury

- Exclusive Vista Flight, 2 people: € 2,800 including transfer from your Hotel from the center of Florence (for other structures there may be a supplement)
- Exclusive Vista Flight, 3 people: € 3,200 including transfer from your hotel from the center of Florence (for other structures there may be a supplement)
- Exclusive Vista Flight, 4 people: € 3,500 including transfer from your Hotel from the center of Florence (for other structures there may be a supplement)
It is possible to request quotes for neighboring areas such as Florence, Siena, Montalcino, Buonconvento, Lucca, Montisi, Montepulciano.

Description and additional information

Description and additional information
The flight lasts about an hour, the area will be flown over a variable radius of 5/10 km from take-off, the journey will depend entirely on the winds of the day. The charm of hot air ballooning is adventure, every day the flight is different, with different and unprecedented landscapes, which make them so surprising.
Your flight will be different from the previous 100 flights. It is also possible to request flights to other locations by requesting a suitable quotation.
All that remains is to enjoy the spectacle of the view from above and satisfy your curiosity on the flight thanks to the professionalism of our pilots.
Requirements for free flight
Participants in the balloon flight must comply with the following requirements:
Be over 5 years old. Not to be pregnant.
scrupulously follow the instructions of the pilot in command communicated during the briefing before take-off and during the same.
do not smoke inside the basket and near it.
not to throw any type of object during the flight.
take full responsibility for the damage or loss of personal items carried in flight such as glasses, mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, etc.

shoes must be closed, so comfortable shoes.
seasonal clothes according to the seasonal period, in flight there are always about 2 degrees more than the soil (warmer)
it is recommended not to wear a skirt
backpacks and bags are to be avoided, the baby carrier and the camera container are accepted

Vista Basket special balloon tour
hot air balloon with seats