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Ballooning in Chianti valley
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hot air balloon over Tuscany
ballooning in Tuscany
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Flying Locations Florence, Siena and all Tuscany

Ballooning Siena, Creti Senesi
The launch site is located a short distance from the city.
The Siena area is very nice to fly in a balloon, is a hilly area of Tuscany and Italy perhaps the most appreciated.
Famous throughout the world for lasua history, this region of Tuscany extends in a large valley.
If you have only one day to enjoy this show, we recommend a balloon flight over this beautiful landscape, Siena is magical.

Ballooning Florence, San Casciano val di Pesa, Chianti
Is the most beautiful area, you take off a few miles from Florence.
The recommend to everyone, you can see all the chianti, and if the visibility is good you can also see the city.
write us for more details. The launch site is located a few kilometers from the city of Florence. Conveniently serves the southern region of Chianti and is easily reachable from Florence or Siena.

What are takeoff sites?
Almost all of our launch sites have takeoff sites associated with them, these are used when the launch site the flight was scheduled for cannot be used.
Reasons for moving a flight to a takeoff site can vary from the wind being in the wrong direction (meaning the balloon would fly directly into an airport's airspace or out over the sea) to the balloon arriving at the launch site to find a 3 ring circus has taken the space (yes that really has happened in the past). In these cases if there were no takeoff sites then the flights would have been cancelled.
In effect our use of takeoff sites increases the chances of your flight going ahead; where possible the takeoffp site will be within 30/40 kilometers of the original site and moving a flight to a takeoff site is not a decision which our pilots take lightly.
We recommend that you take details of the launch site that you are scheduled to fly from and any associated takeoff site since your flight could be moved for the reasons stated above. ( Ballooning Tuscany is magic and adventure )

Other flying areas in Italy where ballooning

Ballooning Roma
Is the most beautiful area of the region, it takes off a few miles from Rome.
The recommend to everyone, you can see Mount Soratte, and if the visibility is good you can also see the city.
write us for more details.
We do not like to describe the landscape, but let's talk about the pictures of our wonderful flights
The valley of the Tiber near Magliano Sabina only 30 minuts from ROMA.
the hot air balloon flights in Rome area, just 30 minutes drive from the city center.
The flights take place in the valley of Magliano Sabina, a small town in Lazio situated on a hill across the valley where flows the famous River Tiber.
The valley is beautiful and has a great view, the scenery you can see during the flight are very similar to Umbria and Tuscany countryside. An experience not to be missed, suitable for everyone!

Ballooning Lucca
A very beautiful area, if the wind helps us, you can see the city.
Passengers can reach our Balloon Port near Lucca, Capannori, Montecatini.
Otherwise passengers can be driven to the take off field with the courtesy car and accompanied by a crew member, with additional costs.
Contact us for more information.

Ferrara in Emilia Romagna
The launch site is located a short distance from Ferrara, take-offs can Vary with wind conditions in the morning.
We can see the city during the flight, if we are lucky even fly over the center, you will see the castle and perhaps the river Po.Very nice area, we suggest, is located near Bologna, Venice or Padova. The best locations to experience hot air balloon rides are Siena, Lucca, Florence and the
Chianti Valley, and the launch sites are usually located at a short distance from the cities
themselves. If, by chance, there won’t be the possibility to land in the expected sites, there are safe backup
sites associated, that are almost 30-40 km from the original ones, and, in case of windy
weather, or bad weather in general, the launch will be deleted and postponed.

Ballooning Custom
The hot air balloon rides can also be customized, for private flights.
And you can also ask quinidi, Montalcino, Pienza, Crete Senesi, Montisi, Volterra, Poggibonsi, Colle Val Delsa, Castellina in Chianti, Monteriggioni, Tavernelle, Montespertoli, Val d'Orcia. Request your custom quote.

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