Come and try a balloon ride Chianti with Balloon Team Italia

Balloon ride Chianti will be an unforgettable experience. Balloon Team Italia invites you to sail over historical villas, medieval castles, vineyards and olive groves.

With us, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique emotions that only a balloon ride Chianti can offer.

True, the wind decides the direction of the balloon, but changing altitude you can find different winds that allow you to make a change of direction and navigation. This allows us to admire various landscapes from a privileged point of view. Needless to say, hot air balloons capture your imagination giving you, always, unique and magical flights.

Chianti in a hot air balloon

There are many traditional travel methods to admire Tuscany and the hills of Chianti: automobiles, trains, planes. If you’re searching for something new, with more of a “wow factor”, you can try the magical ride over the region in a hot air balloon.

A balloon ride Chianti will take you to feel as fast as the wind and as light as the air.

You know the place of take-off but not that of landing, so every balloon flight is a unique and unrepeatable experience. Only from the top of a hot air balloon you can enjoy a 360º panorama, from a height of at least 500 meters, and then go down to caress the fields of wheat and sunflowers of the Tuscan countryside, just like birds do.

Your experience begins at the meeting place, where you will meet your pilot, ground crew and other passengers; on board our off-road vehicles, then we will reach the take-off point, chosen according to the wind. After an accurate briefing by the pilot, you can photograph and watch the exciting phase of the balloon inflation.

The flight

A hot air balloon ride in the Chianti hills that have made history: this unique experience will allow you to see the Tuscan landscape from a different perspective.

At the first light of dawn you will climb gently from the ground carried by a light breeze and you will see from the sky this wonderful territory with its vineyards, olive groves, woods, the ancient cities and medieval villages.

It is here that the power of imagination meets the beauty of Chianti and the colors of its countryside, among vineyards, wheat fields, farms and small villages. Like you’re flying through an ancient painting.

When the balloon is ready for takeoff, you will be invited to board to start your “lighter than air” flight. The balloon ride Chianti is waiting for you.

The route of the balloon tour is given by the wind; however, the pilot, varying the altitude, can find other winds and, therefore, change the direction. Meanwhile, from the ground, the flight is followed by the crew on board the off-road vehicles.

Immediately after landing, once the closing operations of the balloon, you will be brought back to the initial meeting place.

Fly over the Chianti

Through a balloon ride Chianti You can admire the hills of Tuscany with all its colors and animals (deer, wild boar, horses). Breathtaking landscapes, vineyards, olive groves, endless stretches of woods, until you get to the good places to land.

A balloon ride Chianti gives really great emotions. In addition, every season the colors change completely transforming the landscape.

Here we are at home and our pilots can explain everything you see in flight .

On clear days you can admire the city of Florence on one side and on the other, in the distance, even the sea.

It is an experience to give and share with whoever you want: family, friends, partners. A balloon ride Chianti is able to leave anyone speechless.

In conclusion, book a hot air balloon trip to admire the beauty of Tuscany, you will not regret. Choose Balloon Team Italia for an unforgettable experience, that of a balloon ride Chianti.