Discover Florence in hot air balloon ride

Taking a hot air balloon ride over Florence is an unique and exciting way to admire the breathtaking landscape of this geougers city. You will be able to savor the excitement while you get up and stand up gently and above the Florence countryside.

Flying in a hot air balloon over Florence and its hills is a real adventure that leaves anyone amazed. This because the whole balloon experience is fascinating from inflation to landing, turning the whole thing into a spectacle, something akin to living a dream.

How does a hot air balloon ride take place?

Rides usually take place early in the morning because there are the best conditions for flying in a hot air balloon. This because the air is more stable and cool from the night, during the day the heat of the sun reflects from the ground and heats the air above causing thermal activity, bubbles and rising air columns that cause instability and make difficult to control the precise altitude of the balloon.

Once you have booked your balloon flight, you will receive all the information regarding the time and the meeting point before the flight. If you wish, we can pick you up directly at the hotel, or you can arrive by car if you have it.

Once you reach the meeting point you will be greeted by the captain and crews, who will be ready to provide you a safety briefing before taking off. After that, the balloon inflation begins and once it is ready, it is time to take off.

Balloon goes up very slowly, without jolts or sudden movements, especially in complete tranquility and silence. The only sound you could heard is the noise of the gas opening from the pilot.

The hot air balloons travel with the wind currents and there is no directional instruments, so it is difficult to know exactly where the landing will be take place. This is part of the magic of the hot air balloon and each flight is a little adventure. The pilot towards the end of the flight will locate a suitable field for landing, and the ground crew arrives with the 4×4 car with trailer for the hot air balloon.

During the flight the temperature is equal to that on the ground, so with the right clothing, you won’t have to worry about the cold.

What to expect of a hot air balloon flight over Florence?

balloon ride florence

Flying in a hot air balloon over Florence will allow you to admire it gentle hills dotted with pretty villages, cypress trees, dominant castles, medieval villas and abundant vineyards, olive groves and orchards. In other words, you will see all that nature can show you.

You will sail at a height varying from 500 feet to 3000 feet, depending on the wind of that day.

The flight will last approximately an hour, but the total tour can last about 3 hours. So you will have enough time to see, from above on a hot air balloon ride, all the beautiful landscapes the Florentine hills can offer and take many photos.

Finally, upon landing, you could toast this experience with a glass of sparkling wine back on the ground.

Useful tips for a hot air balloon flight

Here are some tips to make your hot air balloon ride in Florence unforgettable.

Make sure there are optimal weather conditions

Hot air balloon flights depend exclusively on weather conditions. The pilot is the only person who has the right to decide for himself the moment of departure or cancellation of the flight, to ensure the safety of all passengers.

In fact, a flight could be cancelled due to rain, or strong winds, reduced visibility, thunderstorms or too wet ground after rain! Usually you are contacted the day before the chosen date to get confirmation of the flight thanks to the last weather report, but I always remember that the last word is from the pilot.

Use the right clothing

For a balloon flight sportswear is recommended with a pair of long trousers and tennis shoes (or gymnastics). In fact it is strictly forbidden to go up with heels.

The temperature in flight will be similar to that on the ground and indeed thanks to the hot air pushed upwards, it feel almost a pleasant warmth!

Book your hot air balloon flight in advance

It is recommended to book the flight at least 10 days in advance of the chosen date.

Hot air balloon rides in Florence are very popular, so try to book far enough in advance to find availability on the day you decide to take your ride.

What are you waiting for? Book your hot air balloon ride in Florence now and let the adventure begin!