Try the experience of a hot air balloon in Tuscany

Would you like to fly in a hot air balloon in Tuscany?

Have you ever tried the experience of the hot air balloon in Tuscany? It’s, without doubt, a unique and evocative experience.

Balloon Tuscany Italia will show you the authentic Tuscany standing in a wicker basket thousent of feet up in the air, peering down at backwoods, grape plantations and historic towns.

There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than flying over Florence and the hills of Chianti.

Join us for a hot air balloon ride over Tuscany (Chianti, Florence, Siena, Lucca) and discover the infinite beauties of this region.

Useless to say that the world of hot air balloon in Tuscany is magic and leaves anyone amazed.  As we said the region is rich in beautiful landscapes to enjoy from above. you will live a unique and exciting experience that will leave you unforgettable memories.

hot air balloon in tuscany

How the balloon works

Hot air balloons are a brilliant utilization of basic scientific principles. Now we’ll try to explain how a balloon works and how a pilot behaves to maneuver it.

The basic principle is that hot air tends to rise into colder air. This is because hot air ha less mass per unit of volume, so it’s lighter than cool air. The envelope has to be so large as it takes a large amount of heated air to lift it off the ground.

Thanks to the burner, the hot air is propelled upwards into the envelope and it helps the balloon to rise up.

Hot air balloons are composed by:

  • Envelope. The actual fabric balloon which holds the air.
  • Burner. It propels the heat up inside the envelope.
  • Basket. Where the passengers and pilot stand.

The burner, through the use of propane gas, heats up in the envelope to move the balloon off the ground and into the air. The pilot has the task of keep firing the burner at regular intervals throughout the flight to ensure the stability of the balloon. While the hot air rises, a part of it comes out of the hole at the bottom.

To move the balloon upwards

The pilot has to opens up the propane valve. In this way the propane flow to the burner that fires the flame up into the envelope. Just like the gas grill, the longer you open the valve, the more heat, the faster the balloon rises.

To move the balloon downwards

To bring the balloon down towards the ground we use the “Parachute Valve” at the very top of the balloon. It is a circle of fabric cut out of the top of the envelop. It’s controlled by a long chord that runs down to the basket. So, to bring the balloon down, the pilot pulls on the chord which will open the valve. In this way the hot air escape decreasing the inner air temperature. This cooling of the air allows the slowing of the ascent of the balloon. By burning less often the balloon gradually cools and the descent will be slower and gentler.

How does the balloon move from place to place?

The pilot can manoeuvre the balloon horizontally by changing the position in vertical, because the wind blows in different directions at different altitudes. If the pilot wants to move in a certain direction he simply go up and down until it finds the right wind.

A magical experience

Imagine being able to admire the beauty of the Chianti valley at dawn.

Nowdays, more and more people choose the experience of a flight in hot air balloon in Tuscany during their holidays in this region. This is because it’s like to dream, fly and explore at the same time.

Give this magic to you and to the people you love by booking a ride. We have many magical areas to admire in flight and everything is decided by nature.

The hot air balloon in Tuscany is a special experience to share with your family. The beauty is that everything is dictated by nature, so every flight is different from the other.

In conclusion, don’t waste any more time and book a flight in hot air balloon in Tuscany.